Monthly Archives: February 2020

Understanding bankruptcy law and credit card debt

People in Michigan can find themselves facing overwhelming debt for many reasons. Common causes include job loss, medical expenses and personal problems. However, one of the most prevalent culprits behind debt issues is credit cards. Credit card debt can cause worry and fear, especially when the debtor falls behind. Fortunately, there are legal options like […]

Alternatives to using a credit card to pay medical debt

People in Michigan who have medical bills to pay might wonder whether to put them on a credit card. There are several other options the person should try first. First, people should review their charges. Most medical bills have errors according to some estimates, and taking the time to find out whether this is the […]

Board games and bankruptcy

Don’t let board games fool you. Bankruptcy doesn’t leave you broke. Bankruptcy does the opposite. Filing for bankruptcy helps you eliminate debt through the bankruptcy discharge. A bankruptcy discharge eliminates a creditor’s ability to collect on a debt (and most debts are included). Not to mention you aren’t left with nothing. You are provided exemptions […]