Monthly Archives: March 2020

The potential downfalls of a debt settlement

Debt Settlement

You may feel as if debt settlement is a preferable alternative to bankruptcy. However, Michigan companies that provide debt settlement services may not necessarily be able to convince your creditors to accept less than what they are owed. Furthermore, you may have to pay taxes on any amount that is forgiven, and engaging in debt […]

Bankruptcy may not be an impediment to employment

Bankruptcy Unemployment

Many people in Michigan and throughout the United States believe that the impact of a bankruptcy is disqualifying for future employment. People have been told that employers view bankruptcy as a sign of unreliability and hesitate to hire people who have filed for it. However, new research shows that this may be beginning to change. […]


Covid-19 has disrupted our lives and it will likely disrupt some people’s financial lives. We know that not everyone will be able to travel to meet with an attorney to discuss their situation. Recently, attorneys Rebecca Johnson-Ellis and Jeremy Shephard went to EightWest to discuss some bankruptcy basics. The link below is a short video […]

How the law shields debtors from collectors of credit card debt

It is unfortunate that so many people in Michigan and across the United States are experiencing financial difficulties. There are, however, solutions to this problem and protections accorded to debtors. Understanding how the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) shields debtors from certain behaviors of debt collectors is important. Knowing the four critical rights accorded […]