Checklist for First Interview

Information to Bring to the First Interview:

See our checklist for a list of what to bring. Sometimes we file for just one spouse, but usually both spouses are on the debts and both need protection . Bring us ALL debts….the NAMES, ADDRESSES, ACCOUNT NUMBERS AND APPROXIMATE BALANCES of EVERY creditor to whom money is owed. This would include car payment and house payment information, and all bills, charge accounts, debts, lawsuits, collection letters, etc. We need the balances owed on all your debts as best as you can estimate them. Exact amounts are not important; approximate amounts are sufficient. We also need to know how much you have earned for the year to date and the prior 2 calendar years. We also need to know the value of your property so bring in a tax statement showing Equalized Value or appraisals on any real estate you own. It is also necessary to list the name and address of your spouse if you are married and your spouse is not filing with you. Information must also include the name and address of anyone on debts with you such as cosigners or guarantors of your debts. If you have cosigned for someone else, or someone has cosigned for you, their name, address and the name and address of the creditor need to be included in the information we prepare.

These contents are general and should not be relied on as legal advice or assistance for your case. Every case is different. That is why you should speak to us about your situation as soon as possible. The sooner we can help, the better we can do, usually. There are some deadlines that are important, like foreclosure dates, repossession auctions, etc. If one waits too long, the property is lost for good. It is much easier for us to protect what you have, than to try to get it back for you once it is seized by a creditor! So it is best to consult quickly. Also, the longer one waits, the more interest and late charges are added to balances. Chapter 13 can stop interest and late charges on most debts, so, again, delay generally is not good.