Bankruptcy may not be an impediment to employment

Bankruptcy Unemployment

Many people in Michigan and throughout the United States believe that the impact of a bankruptcy is disqualifying for future employment. People have been told that employers view bankruptcy as a sign of unreliability and hesitate to hire people who have filed for it. However, new research shows that this may be beginning to change. […]


Covid-19 has disrupted our lives and it will likely disrupt some people’s financial lives. We know that not everyone will be able to travel to meet with an attorney to discuss their situation. Recently, attorneys Rebecca Johnson-Ellis and Jeremy Shephard went to EightWest to discuss some bankruptcy basics. The link below is a short video […]

How the law shields debtors from collectors of credit card debt

It is unfortunate that so many people in Michigan and across the United States are experiencing financial difficulties. There are, however, solutions to this problem and protections accorded to debtors. Understanding how the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) shields debtors from certain behaviors of debt collectors is important. Knowing the four critical rights accorded […]

Understanding bankruptcy law and credit card debt

People in Michigan can find themselves facing overwhelming debt for many reasons. Common causes include job loss, medical expenses and personal problems. However, one of the most prevalent culprits behind debt issues is credit cards. Credit card debt can cause worry and fear, especially when the debtor falls behind. Fortunately, there are legal options like […]

Alternatives to using a credit card to pay medical debt

People in Michigan who have medical bills to pay might wonder whether to put them on a credit card. There are several other options the person should try first. First, people should review their charges. Most medical bills have errors according to some estimates, and taking the time to find out whether this is the […]

Board games and bankruptcy

Don’t let board games fool you. Bankruptcy doesn’t leave you broke. Bankruptcy does the opposite. Filing for bankruptcy helps you eliminate debt through the bankruptcy discharge. A bankruptcy discharge eliminates a creditor’s ability to collect on a debt (and most debts are included). Not to mention you aren’t left with nothing. You are provided exemptions […]

What debtors must do in a Chapter 13 proceeding

Michigan residents and others who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection may be able to consolidate or reorganize debts without losing property. However, they still have many obligations to their creditors even if their bankruptcy petitions are approved. For instance, they must submit a payment plan with their petition and stick to it for either […]

Debtor obligations to achieve bankruptcy discharge of debts

Excessive medical bills, job loss and other situations sometimes send debtors in Michigan to bankruptcy court. Bankruptcy laws generally provide a path out of financial hardship, but people filing for bankruptcy protection must comply with necessary requirements to gain a general discharge of debts. Some types of debts, however, may remain active because they do […]