Sometimes even the best budgeting won’t help you get out of debt. Bankruptcy may offer a needed way out from under crushing debt. Our office offers a free consultation where we can explore your options and determine if there is a better way to tackle your debt. Consider calling us to set up a no […]

What happens to my debts when I die?

People are often concerned about burdening their family with their debts when they pass on. Many people in Michigan fail to realize that those debts won’t become the responsibility of their family (unless they have co-signers). If the individual who passes has minimal assets; oftentimes, sending a notice with a death certificate is enough to […]

Asset Transfers and bankruptcy

It is not uncommon for individuals experiencing financial difficulties to get concerned about assets they own. A creditor, once they have sued you and obtained a judgment, can often seize assets to pay towards debts they have outstanding. Some debtors in hopes of avoiding this potential loss might transfer assets to a trusted relative or […]

Eight West Appearance

Attorneys Rebecca Johnson-Ellis and Jeremy Shephard went to Eight West to discuss bankruptcy. At the law offices of Andersen, Ellis & Shephard, we have represented thousands of individuals in consumer bankruptcy filings.

When is the right time to file a bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision that many of our clients wait too long to make. If you are struggling with debt, you should sit down and do a budget. If your budget is breakeven or negative, then bankruptcy is something worth considering Before pulling money out of a 401K or selling off your […]

Chapter 7 and Mortgage Reaffirmation Agreements

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection allows a debtor to eliminate their debt (some debts are non-dischargeable) to creditors. As part of the Chapter 7 process, the debtor can reaffirm on certain debts remaining responsible going forward. These debts generally include vehicle loans and mortgages. The debtor would generally opt to complete this paperwork to […]


The question of co-signers comes up regularly from individuals I meet with. It is not uncommon to hear, “I’m not primary on a debt” or “I’m secondary”. Unfortunately, those labels have little to do with whether you owe the debt. There is another common misconception that you only owe half of the total debt. If […]

Public loan Income Based Repayment Plan

Student loans remain one of the few debts that are extremely difficult to get rid of in bankruptcy. Now it’s possible the government may be changing the parameters of one of the better options out there for individuals with high federal student loan debt. This could effect you if it goes into effect so it’s […]

Student loans and bankruptcy

Student loans are notoriously difficult to eliminate in bankruptcy under the current standards. While there are options for federal student loans, many private student loan lenders offer few options for those in need. Some congressional leaders have put forth a bill to allow student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy. Link to proposed bill: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/2366 […]

Other Options – Mortgage Foreclosure

People facing foreclosure oftentimes reach out to our office too late in the process to avoid needing to file bankruptcy. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other options out there. Many mortgage companies and servicers offer loan modification to people who have fallen behind on payments. There are also outside organization such as Step Forward […]