Bankruptcy and Tax Time

Attorneys Rebecca Johnson-Ellis and Jeremy Shephard sat down with EightWest to discuss tax time and options under the Bankruptcy Code. Check out the link below to learn more:   At the law offices of Andersen, Ellis & Shephard, we have represented thousands of individuals in consumer bankruptcy filings.

Why is bankruptcy taboo?

I have a belief that creditors perpetuate the stigma that bankruptcy makes you a bad person because of their own self-interests. Does it make you a bad person if you want to protect your house? To protect your income so you can put food on your kid’s table? I think most everyone believes putting a […]

Should I use my 401K to pay down my debts?

One of the biggest mistakes I see from debtors that meet with me is that they have liquidated their retirement accounts to pay down their debts. For those people that end up in my office that have liquidated their retirement and still need to file bankruptcy, it is difficult to pass along that they could […]

Tax Refunds

I’ve filed hundreds of bankruptcies and I encounter a common issue in my practice; especially, this time of the year. Debtors (what they call people who owe money) oftentimes will pay relatives back before other debts such as medical bills and credit cards. This makes sense because you want to square up with the people […]

Do I get to keep my stuff?

Potential clients come into my office to determine if bankruptcy is the right step for them. A common question that I’m asked is whether or not they will lose all of their belongings. It is a common misconception that you’ll be left without anything in a bankruptcy. Every state gets to decide what “exemptions” (a […]

Common Bankruptcy Questions Asked on Google.

What is a bankruptcy trustee? A bankruptcy trustee is an individual assigned to your bankruptcy to determine if there is anything to be administered on behalf of the bankruptcy estate (i.e. your creditors). Their job includes reviewing your bankruptcy petition for accuracy and to alerting the United States trustee if there are any concerns about […]

Common Bankruptcy Questions Asked on Google: Answered by the Pros!

When can I file bankruptcy again? Unfortunately, people sometimes get in a situation where they need to file bankruptcy more than once. If you filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you won’t be able to file another Chapter 7 for 8 years from your filing and a Chapter 13 where you receive a discharge until 4 […]

Common Bankruptcy Questions Asked on Google: Answered by the Pros!

What to do after your bankruptcy discharge? You filed bankruptcy and your debts were discharged. Hopefully, your case closed shortly thereafter. You may ask yourself, what should I do next to move forward? A bankruptcy filing can remain on your credit report up to 10 years for Chapter 7 filings and 7 years for Chapter […]

Common Bankruptcy Questions Asked on Google: Answered by the Pros!

What is bankruptcy protection? You might find yourself searching the internet for solutions to your mounting debt. The words “bankruptcy protection” may continue to pop up from time to time in your quest for additional information on your problem. So what is bankruptcy protection? Bankruptcy protection begins as soon as a debtor files. When a […]