Common Bankruptcy Questions: Answered by the Pros 6

What is a bankruptcy trustee?

A bankruptcy trustee is an individual assigned to your bankruptcy to determine if there is anything to be administered on behalf of the bankruptcy estate (i.e. your creditors). Their job includes reviewing your bankruptcy petition for accuracy and to alerting the United States trustee if there are any concerns about your case regarding eligibility or fraud. Oftentimes, they do not find any assets that can be recovered or sold for the benefit of creditors. In a small amount of cases, they do have assets that need to be sold or assets recovered to be paid to your creditors. Their role is there to help ensure the integrity of the bankruptcy system and to help balance the debtor’s need for a fresh start and the creditor’s interests in being compensated for their debts.

Every consumer bankruptcy involves a meeting with the trustee where the trustee gets to ask pertinent questions. A debtor who is represented by competent counsel will be well prepared for this meeting because they will have been advised of any areas of concern in their case. Our office provides that type of representation. Our attorneys keep up on changes in the law, attend seminars, and specialize in consumer bankruptcies to ensure that you are being effectively represented throughout the process.

At the law offices of Andersen, Ellis & Shephard, we have represented thousands of individuals in consumer bankruptcy filings.

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