Common Bankruptcy Questions: Answered by the Pros 7

How to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on your own?

You are allowed to represent yourself in legal proceedings and bankruptcy is a legal proceeding. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves completing a pre-counseling course and filing your bankruptcy petition with the Bankruptcy Court (the forms can be found here: After filing, you’ll be required to complete a post-filing course and attend a meeting with a trustee.

Thoroughly confused by all of this information? You aren’t alone. Filing bankruptcy on your own is similar to working on a car on your own. You might be able to figure it out but chances are you won’t. Worse yet, you might think you got it and you might be left stranded with more problems than when you started. Sometimes it’s better to get the mechanic or hire the attorney so you know it’s done right from the get go.

The great thing about cars is if you take them to a mechanic they’ll oftentimes give you an idea of what the problem is and give you a quote for the work. Bankruptcy oftentimes works the same. Our firm offers a free consultation where we can go over your situation and explain the bankruptcy process.

At the law offices of Andersen, Ellis & Shephard, we have represented thousands of individuals in consumer bankruptcy filings.

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